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The people of Arts in the Alley

Tonight, we have our monthly volunteer leader meeting – we try to get together every month with both our admin leaders and our designers – and I’m already looking forward to being inspired by the wonderful people that so generously give of their talents and time to Arts in the Alley. Over the next few […]

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Paint changes things

Paint changes things. It makes dirty buildings prettier. It makes boring walls more interesting. It makes dark places brighter. It makes a group of people who have never met before turn into a well-balanced team. It changes a little girl into a community worker. Little boys, too. It brightens neighborhoods and it brightens hearts. It […]

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A much belated update – and the story of Mia

Time flies… when you’re having fun, or when you’re living life, or both – right?  I just realized I never posted a report on our most recent Arts in the Alley… and we have a brand new project coming up in about three weeks! So, high time for a much-belated report. Starting with a tiny […]

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