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The Amazing Raise!

Arts in the Alley has an amazing opportunity to double $2,500 in the first ten minutes during the Amazing Raise (an online giving event for nonprofits starting next week on September 18 and running for 36 hours). The first 15 nonprofits that get 50 donations of $50 or more get an additional $2,500 prize – […]

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Paint changes things

Paint changes things. It makes dirty buildings prettier. It makes boring walls more interesting. It makes dark places brighter. It makes a group of people who have never met before turn into a well-balanced team. It changes a little girl into a community worker. Little boys, too. It brightens neighborhoods and it brightens hearts. It […]

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help us paint a tree – or a butterfly!

During the last Arts in the Alley we painted 16 large and small murals – a project that did not just take 2 full days and close to 100 volunteers, but also 30 gallons of primer and more than 40 gallons of paint! With our next Arts in the Alley coming up, we need to […]

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