What is Arts in the Alley?

The Idea is Simple. Take a downtown alley. You know, one of those that runs behind things and tends to collect weeds, and trash, and graffiti. Spend a day cleaning it up (removing weeds, and trash, and graffiti), and the next day throw an arts festival in the same alley, with live music, art on display, and mural painting. We did our first one this past August, cleaned up two downtown Richmond alleys, and painted no fewer than 26 murals in those alleys. Who “we” are? A group of Richmond artists – musicians, graphic designers, photographers, painters – and residents who want to make a small but tangible difference in this city. Some of us were born and raised here – some came from other parts of the country or even different countries. We live in the city, in the counties, north and south of the River. We all love Richmond and want to do our part to make it an even better place.

Here are a few pictures:

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