One Week Out: Paint, Sunshine, and Volunteers

I am writing this blog post from the International Arts Movement (IAM) Encounter in New York City – a wonderful, inspiring opportunity to break away from all the logistics I am focusing on these last few weeks before Arts in the Alley. Tomorrow it’s back to reality, and to the excitement of the final week before this fun event.

Speaking of details – a few to keep in mind:

1, we still need paint – about ten gallons at $38 each. Want to sponsor a gallon or paint? Donate via paypal to and mention PAINT.

2. Sunshine – ok we know you can’t really affect that (though if you can…. Patent it, become a millionaire, and donate sme paint….). But we DO need dry weather and sunshine would be lovely.

3. Volunteers: we need YOU. And your friends. And your kids. You get the idea. Here are the times we need volunteers (and no, you don’t have to be a painter):
Saturday March 12: 1:30-5:30 pm – 10 volunteers
Sunday March 13: 9am-1:30 pm – 15 volunteers
Sunday March 13: 1:30-5:30 pm – 10 volunteers

Register here:

Also, on Sunday afternoon invite any families with kids to come help paint the largest mural – every child can out his or her handprints in paint on the wall that afternoon!



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