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Arts in the Alley RVAXpo 2015

2015 Arts & Culture Xpo

Arts in the Alley joined more than 60 local arts and cultural organizations on Saturday, June 27, at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. This year we had a unique theme for our booth: Words of Encouragement. As visitors entered our booth, we asked that they leave a special note of encouragement for themselves […]

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Arts in the Alley #AITA2015

Hands on Day at Hospital Hospitality House

October 18-19, 2014. This coming weekend is another Arts in the Alley at the Hospital Hospitality House. Saturday morning is also Hands On Day in Richmond, Virginia. Join in with over 1,000 other volunteers to change our community. You can sign up here. This is our second time at the Hospital Hospitality House which is […]

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Back to Jackson Ward

Last month, Arts in the Alley returned to Jackson Ward and  artists and volunteers created several more amazing murals. More on those murals later, but for now we want to show you some of the fantastic work that was done!

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Arts in the Alley from a social work perspective

You may be wondering “What does painting murals have to do with social work?” A lot, actually.  To start broadly, AITA goes into neighborhoods and helps community members and business owners to make improvements to their buildings.  These improvements, whether they be as detailed as a mural or as simple as a fresh coat of […]

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Paint changes things

Paint changes things. It makes dirty buildings prettier. It makes boring walls more interesting. It makes dark places brighter. It makes a group of people who have never met before turn into a well-balanced team. It changes a little girl into a community worker. Little boys, too. It brightens neighborhoods and it brightens hearts. It […]

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